VC Sign employees are the only individuals allowed to install or remove our posts. For liability and safety purposes, we ask that you inform your clients of the policy before placing an order. Your client can cost you time and money when they remove or relocate our post.


VC Sign employees are equipped with cell phones and the ability to stay in constant contact with your office staff. Drivers have the authority to contact agents at any time at your request. We believe that communication is the key to your successful advertising needs. Please give us a number that will reach you outside of your office, in addition to any office extensions that may route us to you faster. This can avoid delays in completing your order and guesswork for the installer. Our goal is to do the job correctly, on time, the first time.


go to , text or call at (519) 719-0346


VC Sign from the invoice. Invoices outstanding for more than 30 days are subject to suspension of any new orders, until the account is brought current. Past due accounts will be flagged and monitored for payment.
At the moment we are accepting online payments through PayPal. or bank e-transfer to –

* Pay for all services requested by the Advertiser and their associates, according to the rates defined in the provided price sheet, within 10 days of receipt of invoice.

Please review your invoice when you receive it and call our office with any billing questions. We will make every effort to answer your questions and or correct an invoice as quickly as possible. The sooner you call, the easier the answer.